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Sunday - Thursday * 4pm - 10pm

Friday - Saturday * 4pm - 11:30pm


Seaweed   $5
Graden Salad With ginger dressing $6


Miso Soup   $3.5
Edamame   $5
Shrimp Dumplings
5 shrimp dumplings drizzled with sweet and sour sauce
Tuna Tataki
Thiny sliced seared tuna topped with sesame seeds, scallions and masago. Served with ponzu
Tuna Tartar
Diced tuna, salmon, escolar, tomatoes and cucumbers in a spicy "village dressing". Served over seaweed salad

Classic Rolls

Veggie Roll
carrots, avocado, asparagus and cucumber (10 pcs)
Krab, cucumber and avocado (8 pcs)
Tuna and scallions (8 pcs)
Salmon, cream cheese and scallions (8 pcs)
Spicy Tuna
Spicy tuna and scallions (8pcs)
Shrimp Tempura
Tempura shrimp, cucumber and avocado drizzled with eel sauce (10 pcs)
Dancing Eel
Krab, cucumber, and avocado topped with eel and drizzled with eel sauce
Krab, cucumber and avocado topped with salmon, tuna, escolar and avocado (10 pcs)
Tempura shrimp, cucumber and avocado topped with avocado and eel sauce (10 pcs)
Rock and Roll
Salmon, tuna, escolar and cucumber topped with freash shrimp and avocado drizzled with spicy mayo and Kim chi (10 pcs)
Tempura shrimp, cucumber and avocado topped with salmon, tuna, hamachi and escolar drizzled with Kim chi, spicy mayo and eel sauce (10 pcs)

Japanese Beer Selection

Singha Sapporo Kirin Ichiban Kirin Light $5

Hand Rolls

California Hand Roll
Krab, cucumber and avocado
Tuna Hand Roll
Tuna and scallions
Spicy Tuna Hand Roll
Spicy tuna and scallions
JB Hand Roll
Salmon with cream cheese and scallions
Eel Hand Roll
Eel and cucumber

Combo Platter

8 pieces of california roll, 3 pieces of sushi and 3 pieces of sashimi (substitute tuna or spicy tuna for $1) $15

A La Carte

Sushi or Sashimi
Tuna, salmon, escolar, eel, shrimp, tamago, humachi or krab
  $2.85 per each

Chef Jon's Creation

"Cape Cod" Roll
Salmon, tuna, escolar with spicy sauce wrapped in cucumber with scallions, masago and ponzu drizzled on top (6 pcs)
Adventure Roll
Salmon, avocado, asparagus, scallions, and sprouts with bacon, pickled jalapenos and eel sauce
Sexy Roll
Tempura shrimp, krab and cucumber topped with spicy tuna (10 pcs)
Volcano Krab Roll
Krab, cucumber, and avocado topped with krab (10 pcs)
Volcano Lobster Roll
Krab, cucumber and avocado topped with lobster (10 pcs)


Nama Sake Organic
10oz bottle
Sho-Chiku Sparkling Sake
10oz bottle
Sho-Chiku Bai Unfiltered Chilled Sake
Small carafe $6.5 Large carafe $12
Sho-Chiku Bai Unfiltered Hot Sake Small carafe $6.5 $Large carafe $12
Fuki Plum Wine   $6.5 a Glass


4400 el Mar dr
Lauderdale By the Sea

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Kitchen 8am - 11pm

Sushi 4pm - 10pm

Village Pump 9am - 2am

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