The Pump

The Village Pump is the "Best Little Boston Bar By The Beach"

We're a local legend.

Located just half a block from the Atlantic Ocean featuring fantastic food, great drinks and a friendly atmosphere.

Sushi Bar

Half price sushi from 4-6 pm daily.

The Weedline Band

Date: Friday 25 October 2019

Time: 09:30pm

The Weedline, fronted by South Florida native Mark Zaden,  is a rock and roll party band that plays classic rock, modern rock, country, blues, funk and originals that draw from all the above. The sound can be thought of as “rock and roll with an acoustic soul.” Think of The Beatles and the Rolling Stones sharing the bill with Tom Petty, the Blues Brothers and Kid Rock. And count on lots of surprises because this band loves performing their favorite songs to thirsty audiences every week in south Florida.


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